Monday, March 04, 2024

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What is a steward? We are all stewards during this short period that we spend on this earth that God has created and provided for us. As stewards we must work diligently to ensure something is left for those who follow, leave it the way we found it; or, better still, enhance it. We must sustain what we are given so that what is left, remains for the next stewards to take up the cause. Stewardship is working to enhance and save our many blessings - our earth, the water, the sky and all living things. Stewardship is building the interest in others in the common cause in which we all believe. As God’s stewards, we contribute. A good steward is a volunteer - a contributor - someone who gives willingly, unconditionally and without expectation. Some stewards give of their time. Others give generously, monetarily to sustain the stewardship mission of our church community. We are all stewards of God's wondrous world. With a growing congregation and our variety of mission projects, we are a very exceptional and busy church. Your generous gifts go to support the following programs of our church: The great needs of our mission partners. With your generous giving to the United Church Mission and Service Fund, we are a real factor in making a difference in the lives of the poor, homeless, working poor, and disabled in our community, Canada and internationally. Your tooneys and pennies given through our Tooney Sundays and the Piggy Bank Project help many local charities and programs for the less fortunate and those in crisis. The Operations Budget, which includes maintenance of our buildings and grounds, salaries, printing costs, office supplies, utilities, information technology, insurance, membership/growth and missions. The Capital Budget, which includes major church renovations and infrastructure renewal enabling us to sustain St. Davids-Queenston for years to come. Our outstanding Music Program that we all enjoy and appreciate. Your generous giving enables us to look at expanding our Christian Education programs, both adult and youth and other programs for our church. Our church is blessed with great stewards – many who have been stewards for many years. We are blessed.
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