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UCW Celebrates 50 Years in 2012

The United Church Women was formed in 1962 by the coming together of the Woman's Association  (WA) and the Woman's Missionary Society (WMS), organizations with impressive legacies. Over the ensuing 50 years the UCW has upheld the faith and commitment of the women of the past while taking on the challenges of each new decade and forming an equally impressive legacy for women of the future.

Tapestry of Love

The theme of the 50th anniversary celebration was “Our Tapestry of Love”

As Christians and as United Church Women, we are woven into the fabric of the body of Christ, bound together in the wool and weft.  The dark colours call us to remember the shadowy places where God’s light was hidden and the bright ones remind of our joys and celebrations.

God calls us to weave patterns of beauty and wholeness in partnership with others.  We are called to support and strengthen each other as we interweave our ideas and gifts, working as the hands and feet of God in the world.  We are called to mend, to darn, to work and to create a new vision and a new hope for the UCW and all God’s people.

The woven cross appears to be open at all ends.  They are not bound or finished.  So it is with our tapestry of life.  We are open to the spirit, our work is not yet complete.  We continue to Witness, Study, Fellowship and Serve.

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