Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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We are called, as God’s disciples, to reach outside our walls and mission to those in our community and around the world who are less fortunate or in peril.  Outreach can be lending a hand to a local project or sharing a part of our offering to support national and international support programs or by giving to a local charity or support organization.  Outreach can be a friendly visit to a congregation member who can’t otherwise make it out for regular worship.  Outreach is more than being charitable.  Outreach is how we spread God’s love for us all.  Outreach is an important part of our church life.

St. Davids-Queenston United Church has a strong history of providing Mission and Outreach through various projects and initiatives.  In addition to our weekly envelope offering to the United Church’s Mission and Service Fund, we ask our congregation to donate through a variety of funds that help out local agencies and those abroad.  We have sent medical, educational and personal items to towns in Peru, medical supplies to Uganda, several hundred toothbrushes to a community in Haiti, money donations to the East African Drought Fund and the Stephen Lewis Foundation helping grandmothers in Africa taking care of their grandchildren orphaned by AIDS.  Locally we have purchased baby supplies, personal items and Christmas gifts. Through our Tooney Sundays and Piggy Bank Project, we have donated money to many local agencies helping those in poverty or distress..   

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