Thursday, March 04, 2021




We are presently searching for a new full-time ordained Minister.  A Community of Faith Profile is needed when a community of faith is requesting a new ministry personnel position. The Profile includes the congregation's Faith Life Story, the Demographics, Real Property and Financial Viability worksheets.  Our Community of Faith Profile was approved by the Church Board on September 17, 2019, by the Congregation on October 6, 2019 and by Horseshoe Falls Regional Council's Covenanting Commission on October 17, 2019.  The Minister Position Description has now been completed and approved by Regional Council. Documents can be found on ChurchHub. The Community of Faith Profile and the Minister Position Description where updated February 2021.  Inquiries about the Minister position and our Community of Faith Profile and Minister Position Description can be emailed to:

Community of Faith Profile

Minister Position Description

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